Come into my parlor…

Ok, not my parlor. My bedroom. Moving is one of my least favorite things to do. There is the initial packing.  As I pack, I go through things and thin them out. Then there is the unpacking.  As I unpack, I go through things and then them out. Then I try and put things away… Continue reading Come into my parlor…

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Monday Run Day

Weather was BEAUTIFUL!           Not only sunny, but actually WARM!! My original plan for Monday was to visit Sister#1, after work. On Sunday, Brother#2 had been riding with me (he was helping me move a new-to-me piece of furniture) and mentioned that he had not been across the new-ish pedestrian bridge that connects Waterfront park with Minto-Brown… Continue reading Monday Run Day


Thirsty Thursday

This is my recommendation for this week.  I bought it on Monday and took it over to try with dinner with DIL.  DIL made a wonderful bowtie pasta with spinach and tomatoes and spicy chicken. The wine is fruity and lightly sweet with coffee and chocolate notes.  Not too sweet though. I finished the last… Continue reading Thirsty Thursday