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Workbasket Wednesday #4

Workbasket #3 Life is BUSY! At least mine is.  I have to snatch at free time and hold tight to it to work on any projects that I can.  Many projects get laid aside for many moons before I am able to get back to them.  If one throws a move (planned or unplanned) into… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday #4


It is time…

Way back in February I, with several lady friends, travelled by train to Tacoma Washington for the Madrona Fiber festival.  It was a relaxing train ride up and it gave me plenty of time to work on my Poison Caramel Apple scarf.  Somewhere in the middle of the journey, I had discovered an error several… Continue reading It is time…

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Weekly Workbasket #3

Workbasket #2 I managed to carve sometime out this past week to work on some things in my workbasket... I rinsed off the Transfer-eze off my two completed Flower of the Month Embroidery club blocks.  After they hung to dry, I ironed them.  Here you can see the difference from the pictures last week with… Continue reading Weekly Workbasket #3