Weekly WorkBasket #7

Workbasket #6 A gift of labor.  This is G's blanket.  She bought the yarn and started knitting it some time ago, as a gift for someone else. One thing led to another, as life is want to do, and the project got set aside.  At one point I was without a project to work on during my… Continue reading Weekly WorkBasket #7


Mending Monday #1

I haven't done any mending in awhile.  My mending pile is a testimony to that statement. However, I had a piece of mending that MUST be done before today.  A few weeks ago (I think 3) I agreed to mend some shorts for a co-worker.  This was during the Wedding dress/Wedding veil time period.  Last… Continue reading Mending Monday #1


Project Notebook

I have fewer projects than I used to. That being said, I still have many and many more projects in my Work-In-Progress (WIP) pile.  OK, it isn't really a single pile.  It is a virtual pile that sits atop my mental To-Do list.  In real life it is a couple of actual piles and many… Continue reading Project Notebook

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Weakly Workbasket #6

Workbasket #5 I have given up on declaring "weekly" or "bi-weekly" for these posts.  Maybe I should call them "weakly", because that is my grade that I would give myself on my posting progress.  (harrumph) That being said, I have been busy.  Very busy.  It is really my own fault.  I have a loose grasp… Continue reading Weakly Workbasket #6