2019 Historical Sew Monthly Challenges announced!!!

2019 Historical Sew Monthly Squeee!!!  I am excited.  Last year was a bummer year.  I got exactly NONE  of the challenges done, in spite of my initial planning to do so many.  This year I am GOING to do some (with the intent of doing all)! Here they are: January:  Dressed to the Nines: make… Continue reading 2019 Historical Sew Monthly Challenges announced!!!


Workbasket #11

Workbasket #10 Last minute Christmas gifts. I still have time... My famous last words.  I should be able to finish grandson #1's sweater vest by tonight. Here is a sneak peak: More next week.  I promise! Workbasket #12

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Amazing Lotion!

  I don't always care for rose scented products, but this is an exception.  It is soft and lovely smelling.  The best part of this lotion is the way that it absorbs into the skin!  Quickly absorbing and non-greasy feeling within the quickest of moments.  It comes in the two sizes and goes a long… Continue reading Amazing Lotion!

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Work Basket #10

Workbasket #9 It is that time of year.  Every free moment, and let's face it even the not so free moments, are stolen and applied to the work of the Christmas elves preparing gifts.  (if only it was elves...I would sooooo run a little elf sweat shop!)  I, of course, have put non-Christmas gifts on… Continue reading Work Basket #10


Mending Monday #3

Mending #2 Not all mending is with needle and thread.  I have had this pair of Tavistock boots from American Duchess for several years now. I love to wear them, especially in the winter when my ankles get cold. occasionally, when I am buttoning them up (with a button hook) I manage to pull a… Continue reading Mending Monday #3