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Weekly Workbasket – Progress on Easter Sweaters

Last you heard the, very late, Easter sweaters had been stolen and then returned.  I might have mentioned that I had got to looking at the larger of the two sweaters and it was HUGE.  I frogged it and started again.  I try to work on it whenever I can, here and there. If I… Continue reading Weekly Workbasket – Progress on Easter Sweaters


Workbasket – Great News!

Do you know what this is? How about now? I got my knitting back!  So, if you remember, last Thursday I came out to find my car had been gone through and one of the things taken was my bag of knitting.  Another thing that was taken was my badge for work. After that Thursday, I… Continue reading Workbasket – Great News!


2019 Disney Trip – Day 3

Today I headed out without Son and his family because G.son #2 had been up in the middle of the night with DIL.  I figured that they needed to get a little more sleep.  I left a note. I hung out with my sister and her group. This day was overcast and a little cold, eventually… Continue reading 2019 Disney Trip – Day 3