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Laguna Seca – Day 4

We got up and went running again this morning. I was limping at the beginning of the run until my muscles warmed up. It was much better by the end of our run but, not surprisingly, today's run was my slowest yet. We both came back very damp from the cold foggy/misty air. Even my glasses… Continue reading Laguna Seca – Day 4

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Laguna Seca – Day 3

The next morning started out with our run. The cross walks seemed to be sending mixed messages: DW pointed out that the ivy leaves were very large.After the run, we walked to Dierk's Parkside CafĂ©, the real reason that we chose Santa Rosa as a destination. Interesting things we saw on the walk back to… Continue reading Laguna Seca – Day 3

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Laguna Seca – Day 2

Our plan all along was to get up early and go running each morning. Both of us brought running gear and shoes. This morning was our first run. DW planned the runs to be about three miles, because that is mostly what I am used to. It was fun to see all the bears again.… Continue reading Laguna Seca – Day 2

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Laguna Seca – Day 1

The original plan, as I understood it, was to leave Tuesday evening after work. I planned for this by taking Wednesday off from my work (Wednesday to Wednesday). As it turned out, we were really leaving on Wednesday after work. This extra day to get ready for the trip worked out to my benefit. Who… Continue reading Laguna Seca – Day 1


Workbasket – Knit Baby Set

Don't get too excited but... Two workbaskets in one week!  I have been working on this vintage Baby Set: I googled "vintage knit layette patterns" and found it on Free Vintage Knitting website. I headed over to JoAnn's to pick up some very light yellow yarn, or that's how it appeared in the store.  (enter… Continue reading Workbasket – Knit Baby Set