Not the dance... Just my favorite apples of all time.  Sweet, tangy, crunchy.  Their season isn't very long each fall, but I wait all year for them to arrive.  The first year they were in my local grocery, they were over $2 A PIECE.  And they were so very worth it. On the SweeTango website:… Continue reading SweeTango

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Workbasket – Maid to Man

I have been busy, as I am sure you have been also.  There has been work, running, eating out, schoolwork, family, friends, teaching, puppies, yard work, etc. In between all of that life, I have found time for a few little projects.  Hopefully soon there will be more time for sewing room fun time, being… Continue reading Workbasket – Maid to Man

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Workbasket – Have Achieved Cacti

  The first part being the piecing of the background, I have completed the second part of appliqueing the wool felt cacti to the background. The next step being the embroidery of the details on each plant.  There aren't any REAL instructions on the exact details.  Only how to create the specific stitches and the… Continue reading Workbasket – Have Achieved Cacti

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Mending Monday – curtains

It wasn't necessarily "mending" per se, but it was fiddly hand sewing that needed to be done... for the last three years! When I chose these curtains from Ikea, I thought the "puddled" look would be nice.  Yaaaaah, not so much.  Even with only two small dogs there is dog hair tumbleweeds that collect in… Continue reading Mending Monday – curtains

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Workbasket – progress despite illness

It doesn't need to be personal illness that may interfere with progress. It might be illness of a loved one.  Over the course of the last two weeks, I experienced some of each.  As I type, I am still experiencing personal illness (darn cold). Let me up date you on my progress up until today.  :D… Continue reading Workbasket – progress despite illness