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Mending Monday

It wasn’t necessarily “mending” per se, but it was fiddly hand sewing that needed to be done… for the last three years!


When I chose these curtains from Ikea, I thought the “puddled” look would be nice.  Yaaaaah, not so much.  Even with only two small dogs there is dog hair tumbleweeds that collect in the puddles.  Needless to say that the hems of the curtains were pretty dirty.

I took them down over the weekend  and washed them.  I ironed 3 of the panels and put them back up that night because we don’t like people being able to walk by on the street being able to look in and see what we are up to. I measured the amount that was dragging on the floor and cut off 5 inches.  Using my trusty seam gauge I folded up 1 inch and then turned it another inch.  This achieved the curtain being 2 inches off the ground with a total loss in length of 7 inches.  Perfect!

Only 20 more to go!!

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