Mending Monday – black denim again & again

I looked for my last mending post regarding these jeans, apparently I hadn't posted about them.  Let me correct that now.  On November 2nd I worked on mending the worn fabric BF's jeans. For this project I used the electric sewing machine,  Pfaff Hobby Quilter. Added the feed dog cover and the embroidery foot. Starting… Continue reading Mending Monday – black denim again & again


Workbasket – 7th time is the charm

Sigh. In my knitting group they often use a term... "doing a Lorri".  What does this mean?  It means to frog the whole knitting project and start over. Usually this is because the number of errors has exceeded the amount that can be tolerated by the knitter. Directly after the last workbasket post, I reached… Continue reading Workbasket – 7th time is the charm


Mending Monday – Halloween

This isn't the mending that I was able to do on Monday, it is the mending I was able to finish since the last time I wrote to you about mending that I have had a chance to mention it.  Actually, not all of it is mending, some is alterations if we are to be… Continue reading Mending Monday – Halloween