Lavender Layette

Although I don't mention it very often, I do other things than crafting.  This last weekend was second weekend of season for teaching motorcycle safety.  Upon arriving at the range, ice was observed, directly in the path of travel.  Not good.  In consulting with the lead instructor and On-call, a delay in riding time was… Continue reading Lavender Layette


Workbasket – quick update

Sadly, most of my UFO's, PHD's, WIP's, etc's have had no progress. The grey layette is exactly where I left it a week ago: None of the new wrap dresses have even been started: Although, I did get a second vintage pattern to make the dresses though... I didn't start the bee quilt: The blocked… Continue reading Workbasket – quick update

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Workbasket – UFO updates

These five washed fabrics are now ironed and ready to be used.  The bee fabric is for a quilt for Son.  All the other fabrics are for wrap around dresses or "Hoverett" using Mrs. Depew pattern #3073. 5 new UFO's. Grey Layette: Lavender Layette: Wedding dress alterations: Denim lace shawl:      


Workbasket Wednesday – Pink Gloves

Years ago (you may have noticed that so many of my crafting stories begin this way) I purchased pink yarn with a friend in mind. Originally I imagined it to be over the knee stockings with clock-work at the ankle.  This was within a year of my learning to knit, and that project was never… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Pink Gloves


Princess Pixie hides her treat

Pixie was jealously staring at Walther enjoying his treat.  I asked her where her treat was.  She looked at me intently before jumping off the bed, ran into the hallway and turned to wait for me to follow.  So follow I did.  She took me into the living room... She was very proud of herself!… Continue reading Princess Pixie hides her treat