Mending Monday – lace

This tatted lace was made by my Gma-S. She made it to edge a full sized bath towel.  There were several towels with her tatted lace.  This was the last two pieces that I had to remove from the towels.  I have plans to use all the lace as a peek-a-boo slip for the walking… Continue reading Mending Monday – lace


Workbasket Wednesday – very little has gotten done this week

These are two different angles of the same thing.  This is my brand new rolled hem foot.  I practiced on a piece of the wedding dress that had already been cut off before starting on the actual dress.  I had been attempting to do this by hand and... IT WAS TAKING FOREVER. This presser foot… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – very little has gotten done this week


Workbasket Wednesday – Pleasantly surprising progress

It is always a surprise at how much can get done when it is done in little snatches of available time here and there. Besides last week knitting night (where I was knitting one row and tinking out 2-3 for the whole two hours), I haven't had any large blocks of time to work on… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Pleasantly surprising progress


Make Do and Mend – not just for clothing

Over the weekend, a very naughty dog peed on one of WW's throw rugs. :-/ Currently there is only one washing machine between us and it is upstairs.  Figuring it could be quickly washed, dried and returned I took it upstairs.  Through it in the washing machine, turned it on and went about the day. … Continue reading Make Do and Mend – not just for clothing