Workbasket – WIP Confession

I have many more unfinished projects than I have admitted to. Going forward I am going to refer to them differently.  I really like the way that Hannah does it on her blog quietwatercraft, she gives a number of WIP's.  Then I will only show updates of the projects that I have made any progress… Continue reading Workbasket – WIP Confession


A Story of Lip Balm

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to go with a friend and her husband out to dinner followed by the modern dance performance of Rinne Harris Funkedified. (NOTE: this was before Covid-19 had reared it's ugly head) Dinner was at Hot Pot City, a Taiwanese restaurant in Downtown Portland.  I hadn't been to… Continue reading A Story of Lip Balm


Workbasket Wednesday – Not working from home

I still go to work onsite each day. I have very little contact with my co-workers and no contact with clients. I am working my regular schedule which gives me 2x15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch free to work on mobile projects. Even then, I don't always use breaks in this fashion. This… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Not working from home