Weekend at Gma’s house

2 out of 4 grand-puppies came over for a weekend stay at grandma's house. (the other 2 went camping) Both of the boys were super helpful.  Following me around the house to be able to help at a moments notice. 😀    


Workbasket – Reasons I am slow

Slow to get WIP's done & slow to post. There is all the other life that takes precedence: work, yard work, house work, shopping, grandma time, girlfriend time, online college (don't even get me started on this one (insert long suffering eye roll here)), etc. When I finally have time in my sewing room, I… Continue reading Workbasket – Reasons I am slow


Workbasket ~ Brown Knit Gloves

Last week was not a good knitting week.  On Tuesday I made it back to even with where I started by the end of the day.  Wednesday, being knitting day, was supposed to be my lucky day, nope.  A few rows would be knitted and a stitch would be dropped.  Commence tink-ing back down to… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Brown Knit Gloves