Naughtiness & Mischief

Found the tent!  It has been missing for a while now.  The thought of having to obtain another tent was a little daunting.  This tent is special.  When the poles fold up, they are short enough to fit into motorcycle luggage.  Makes "motorcycle camping" much more do-able. Pixie and Walther had never seen a tent. … Continue reading Naughtiness & Mischief

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Workbasket – Updates on This’s and That’s

Dr. Who Kitchen Towels: Sonic Screwdrivers: Completed second towel yesterday! There is a little difference between the two.  On the first towel I continued all the lines.  On the second one, I embroidered the lines as they were traced from the line drawing.  Which one do you think looks better? Now onto the second Weeping… Continue reading Workbasket – Updates on This’s and That’s


Lemon Dress

On May 4th, I shared several cotton fabrics that I intended to make into summer dresses for myself. I really like lemon prints so, of course, I started with the lemon fabric. If you don't remember, this is the pattern that I wanted to make. The version with the sleeves and collar. Being super excited… Continue reading Lemon Dress

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Workbasket – Teaching Again! :D

I am excited and happy that we are finally teaching motorcycle safety classes again!  Because of Covid there has been a break in teaching for the last 4 months.  While all of us instructors have been cooling our heels, statistics show that motorcylce sales have gone way up. Now that we are back to teaching,… Continue reading Workbasket – Teaching Again! 😀