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Potential New Project – Swim suit(s)

Some time ago, the cover art on a Victorian Trading Co. catalog caught my eye.

These swim suits are practically begging to be made! I saved the cover in a “safe place”. Having been unable to find it again, it was assumed that it had been tossed in one of my rabid purges. Occasionally it would cross my mind and I would mourn its loss. Yesterday it surfaced again!

Looking at it again, I see that each of the suits have darling details. It made be difficult to choose between them. All the details are still in the planning stages. In the interest of dating this image I sought the the assistance of Google lens. It came right up! The top match being Judith Liron’s Vintage Ladies printables Pinterest board. From her pin of this image I was able to click through to cardcow.com. The original image is from a postcard. Although the postcard itself wasn’t dated, there was an image of the back of the card with writing and a postmark!

Postcard Back, 1909 Sep-20 Postmark

To my eyes, the postcard is slightly difficult to make out. The message written on the back is dated September 18, 1909. The image of the back of the card states that the postmark is September 20, 1909 (There is no stamp and I find that odd).

So, that is my jumping off point – 1909. Of course I will keep you updated, but please don’t expect immediate gratification. With the cold weather setting in, I am unlikely to start making a swim suit right away. This does give me built in research time! 😀

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