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Workbasket Wednesday – A Couple of New Projects

WIPs: Knitting-group cowl: Before Christmas, DSH came up with this fabulous idea, in which each of us (that wanted to participate in the project) would submit a certain amount of sock yarn. The yarn would be split so each participant would get the same amount of each of the varieties submitted. Then we would use… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – A Couple of New Projects


Mending Monday ~ Gloves & Grocery Bag

We have been running A LOT this month because of the Taji 100 challenge. On one of our runs, DW noticed that there was a hole in a finger seam. All better now. 😀 Not an exciting fix, but it is done and one less thing in the local landfill. The seam was closed with… Continue reading Mending Monday ~ Gloves & Grocery Bag


Taji 100 Challenge

This is my 3rd year participating in the Taji 100 Challenge. I found out about it because of my association/membership in Team Red White & Blue (RWB). The links have more interesting and thorough descriptions. Very quick explanation is to do (run/walk) 100 miles in the month of February (the shortest month of the year).… Continue reading Taji 100 Challenge


Workbasket Wednesday -Victorian Needle crafts #1

To use Victorian era needle craft patterns we need to convert the needle sizes from what they called them to what we call them today. Also the yarn sizes/types need translation through the same time machine. Thankfully, we live in the future and have easy access to LOTS of info. With a minimal amount of… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday -Victorian Needle crafts #1