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Piecing the Baskets

With the half-square-triangles completed, all the pieces were laid out in the basket pattern. Make two pairs of half-square-triangles. Sew a white edge to a buff edge. Iron the seams to the dark side. Place them in the basket pattern, making sure the white triangles are pointing upward. Sew the white/white half-square triangle to one… Continue reading Piecing the Baskets


Monthly Mending – July 2021

This started as a mend before going array. The three little snaps, that held the wrap closed at the cleavage, needed to be moved just a bit. After trying on the dress and marking the desired new placement of the snaps, I settled in to carefully remove them. Not carefully enough, apparently, because I clipped… Continue reading Monthly Mending – July 2021

Quilts · Tutorials

Making Half-Square Triangle Blocks

Place two 2.25" squares with right sides together (one white and one buff) Draw a light pencil line diagonally across the wrong side of the white square. Sew a scant 1/4" seam next to the pencil line. I was able to use the side of my presser-foot as a guide. Turn the block around and… Continue reading Making Half-Square Triangle Blocks


The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #8 – Iris

September 17, 1933 Block No. 8 - The Iris (text) The iris, on block No. 8 of the modernistic flower quilt, grown white, golden, or purple in nature. The purple iris, which is a native of America, has been chosen for this block – not on patriotic grounds, but because several flowers yet to appear… Continue reading The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #8 – Iris


The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #7 – Sunflower

September 10, 1933 Block No. 7 - The Sunflower (text) Block No. 7 of the Modernistic Flower Quilt will blaze with the brilliant gold of the sunflower. This is one flower which not even a modernistic treatment could sensibly present in anything but its own sun-color. The petals, therefore, will be a golden yellow. The… Continue reading The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #7 – Sunflower