The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #17 – Lily of the Valley

November 19, 1933 Block No. 17 - The Lily of the Valley (text) The blossoms of the lily of the valley, 17th in the series of blocks in the modernistic flower quilt, are so tiny they have required exaggeration in size but of such grace that the exaggeration is worthwhile. Usually thought of as white,… Continue reading The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #17 – Lily of the Valley


Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt #7 – Trillium

Grandmother's garden was an old fashioned one and held many wild flowers. One of the best loved, because it was one of the earliest to show its colors, was the trillium. Of course Nancy included it in the flowers she was designing for the quilt club. They were enthusiastic about their basket quilt, and already… Continue reading Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt #7 – Trillium


Grandma’s Scrapbasket Newsletter – September 2021

Elizabeth Keckley is best known as being the mantua maker for Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln. She didn't only work for Mrs. Lincoln, she was a very well known dressmaker throughout the well-to-do ladies of Washington, DC. Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini is an interesting book of historical fiction about Mrs.… Continue reading Grandma’s Scrapbasket Newsletter – September 2021

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Workbasket Wednesday – Watch out for Knitting Ladies (somewhat nswf)

Previously from the Workbasket A gift from DIL DSH's knitting bag from The Homestead Hobbist Knitting ladies are not the tame docile knitting ladies of imaginations. We work with yarn (very small ropes) and long pointed sticks (weapons). Many years ago I read a small story in The Reader's Digest. It was of a man… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Watch out for Knitting Ladies (somewhat nswf)


Grandma’s Scrapbasket Newsletter – October 2021

Newsletter from Grandma's Attic Sewing Emporium To catch you up, October's newsletter follows quickly on the heels of the, very tardy, September newsletter. (They were received in good time, the tardiness is all my own fault) The featured story for October is about Ruby McKim that began publishing quilt patterns in 1916. She even published… Continue reading Grandma’s Scrapbasket Newsletter – October 2021