Workbasket ~ Baby Steps are still progress

Denim Scarf: 21.5 inches of lacey-lacey goodness I have been working on this scarf, here and there, for multiple years now. Being stubborn and committed to finishing projects (right now) ;-), I add to (and sometimes subtract - let's be real, it is still me) this a little bit nearly every evening. Last night I… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Baby Steps are still progress


Monthly Mending ~ March 2022

After so much mending progress throughout January and February, I was hoping the trend would continue. Alas, it was not to be. Only the tear in the lining of the raincoat was mended this month. It was mentioned in last month's mending, that as progress was being made more mending was also being discovered. This… Continue reading Monthly Mending ~ March 2022