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Workbasket ~ Catching You Up

Previously Tie extenders: These are not sexy, but something like these were requested.  A few months ago Gson#2 asked to have some ties made. Later DIL said that he didn't like to wear them up close to his neck. That he wanted to wear them more like necklaces, dangling away from his neck.  That's how… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Catching You Up

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Workbasket ~ Been A Little Busy

Previously DW's Christmas Stocking Growing up we always had velveteen stockings. That is why I chose this yarn. As I was finishing the stocking, DW asked who it was for. I told him it was for him! He was surprised and seemed pleased. Kobe wanted to knit too. He said it was super hard with… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Been A Little Busy

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As far as super powers go…

In my (admittedly limited) world view, we all have super powers... even pets. Princess Pixie-Roo has the super powers of naughtiness & mischief and the ability to deny that she is currently up to anything at all. To be fair, she is also amazing at teaching visiting dogs how to use the doggie door and… Continue reading As far as super powers go…