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Workbasket ~ Watch out for Knitting Ladies (somewhat nswf)

Previously from the Workbasket A gift from DIL DSH's knitting bag from The Homestead Hobbist Knitting ladies are not the tame docile knitting ladies of imaginations. We work with yarn (very small ropes) and long pointed sticks (weapons). Many years ago I read a small story in The Reader's Digest. It was of a man… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Watch out for Knitting Ladies (somewhat nswf)

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Workbasket- And a Little of That

Workbasket previously Where I was ~ Row 142Where I am now ~ Row 3 Sigh. You may be asking yourself as to why anyone would keep doing this to themselves. I've wondered the same thing myself. Finishing this project is now a challenge that I mean to over come! As of October 1st, I will… Continue reading Workbasket- And a Little of That

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Workbasket ~ A Little of This…

Previously in my workbasket... For the baby shower, one of the activities was to decorate onsies.  GmaC took one home to tie-dye one. I held one back to embroider.  The flower basket iron-on pattern didn't transfer very well to begin with.  Letting the onesie sit around for a week or two, only allowed it to… Continue reading Workbasket ~ A Little of This…

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Workbasket ~ Knitting Night Treats

Previously in my workbasket Once upon a time (a few weeks ago) our knitting group agreed to meet at my house for knitting night.  I mentioned to DSH that I believed that DW kind of liked it when people came over.  She said that she hadn’t seen any canapes. If he liked people coming over… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Knitting Night Treats