Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt Update #16 – First Border

In our last update, we had left off with ordering of more fabric for the borders. It arrived in a timely manner, was washed, ironed, and folded neatly. Then life happened, including lots of teaching, more illness, Women's running clinic, work, yard work, construction projects, birthdays, starting several other craft projects, etc. You know... the… Continue reading Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt Update #16 – First Border

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Workbasket – Blue & White Shawl

(AKA: Knitted Shawl. Very Small Diamond Pattern): Because of the first sentence of this pattern, this has always been the "Blue & White Shawl". Working from Victorian era knitting patterns can be a challenge for a couple of reasons: needles were sized differently, types of yarn were described differently or are no longer being made,… Continue reading Workbasket – Blue & White Shawl


Monthly Mending – May/June 2022

Fixing Flannel PJs: This was not so much of a "fix" as an alteration. It never ceases to amaze me how fast children grow. Both Gson#1 and Gson#2 could still fit their PJs around the waists. The length of the legs was an entirely different situation. I brought both home with me to make some… Continue reading Monthly Mending – May/June 2022

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Workbasket Wednesday – 4 New Projects/One Old

Blue & White Shawl: I have wanted to knit this shawl for many years, ever since Daisy gave me this blue yarn that she spun. The title of this shawl pattern is "Blue and White Shawl". The white yarn is reclaimed from a white angora beret that was purchased at the Goodwill Bin store. The… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – 4 New Projects/One Old