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Workbasket ~ A Little of This…

For the baby shower, one of the activities was to decorate onsies.  GmaC took one home to tie-dye one. I held one back to embroider.  The flower basket iron-on pattern didn't transfer very well to begin with.  Letting the onesie sit around for a week or two, only allowed it to fade further.  :-/ The… Continue reading Workbasket ~ A Little of This…

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Workbasket ~ Knitting Night Treats

Once upon a time (a few weeks ago) our knitting group agreed to meet at my house for knitting night.  I mentioned to DSH that I believed that DW kind of liked it when people came over.  She said that she hadn’t seen any canapes. If he liked people coming over there should be canapes. … Continue reading Workbasket ~ Knitting Night Treats

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Workbasket ~ Progress From Behind the Scenes

Flower of the Month Embroidery Block - January The last time I worked on the Flower of the Month Embroidery was (groan of dismay) October 27, 2020 (Goodness, that was almost a full year ago). It wasn't the lack of WIPs that caused me to work on it. It was the lack of bringing any… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Progress From Behind the Scenes

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Grandma Magic – The First Letter Sweaters

Recently, in February, Gson#1 turned 7. At his birthday party, he very confidentially explained that his and #2's letter sweaters (from Christmas 2017) are now too small to be worn. I told him that if he brought them to me, I would make them big enough to wear again. I was pretty sure that would… Continue reading Grandma Magic – The First Letter Sweaters