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2022 ~ Project Wish List

My biggest wish (the one that I wish every year) is to complete projects on time (or early - this is a WISH list, lol). I would like to complete and post something (anything) in the Historical Sew Monthly challenges.Complete sewing Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt topSew The Oregonian Modernistic quilt topSew the other 2 summer… Continue reading 2022 ~ Project Wish List

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Workbasket ~ After Christmas

Previously... It has been a long time and I have missed you all. Every spare moment, I was working on Christmas gifts. Even going so far as taking time off work. It seems like projects always take 2+ times more time than I think it will to complete. Part of the extended project time was… Continue reading Workbasket ~ After Christmas

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Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt ~ Progress #7

Jonquil I thought that I was further behind than I am. I finished this on Saturday and was feeling bummed out because I wanted to post a progress update that was up-to-date. I didn't realize that I WAS current, as to the weekly blocks that have been posted. That being said, I have missed a… Continue reading Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt ~ Progress #7

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Workbasket- And a Little of That

Workbasket previously Where I was ~ Row 142Where I am now ~ Row 3 Sigh. You may be asking yourself as to why anyone would keep doing this to themselves. I've wondered the same thing myself. Finishing this project is now a challenge that I mean to over come! As of October 1st, I will… Continue reading Workbasket- And a Little of That

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Workbasket ~ A Little of This…

Previously in my workbasket... For the baby shower, one of the activities was to decorate onsies.  GmaC took one home to tie-dye one. I held one back to embroider.  The flower basket iron-on pattern didn't transfer very well to begin with.  Letting the onesie sit around for a week or two, only allowed it to… Continue reading Workbasket ~ A Little of This…