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Weekly works in progress:

Dolly Dearest

I’ve been making it a point to work on this project whenever I get a chance. I knew that I needed 10 inches, but I’d forgotten where I was supposed to measure from. 1.75 inches doesn’t seam like much of a difference. When working with crochet cotton, it certainly can be.

This thread is working out to be 12 rows to the inch.

As of today I am up to 8.75 inches. 😀 Any progress is progress. I am pretty pleased with the 3.25 inches that I was able to add this last week.

Flower of the month ~ February

After taking the picture last week, I noticed that I had missed finishing all of the yellow embroidery (Insert frustrated with self eye-roll here, followed shortly by a heavy sigh). Since then I have finished the yellow, red, and pink embroidery. I have begun the purple violet flowers. Again… any progress is progress. 😀

Other Projects


Pugsley is still there. Sitting on the table. Staring at me. Waiting to be worked on. I’ve just been looking away, for now.

Sweet & Sour Spin

I haven’t had time to spin this last week. I need to get the initial spin finished because… my new pocket wheel is on it’s way to me!!!!!!

Spool Skirt & Clock Walking Skirt

Absolutely no movement on these. I had decided that I was just going to continue blundering forward on, until I came across Noel’s latest video @ Costuming Drama, on YouTube. I will finish watching this video and then make up my mind…