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Workbasket W.I.P.s

Works in progress this week

Clock Walking Skirt

Clock walking skirt

I have really enjoyed wearing my Spool skirt, the short version of the historical fantail skirt by Scroop Patterns. So I decided to make the the long version too. I keep thinking that I will make clothes in respectable wool and demure colors and then I see fabric like this with all the clocks on it. How could I pass that up?

Spool Skirt Remake

Spool Skirt remake

Speaking of the spool skirt… after working on the long version with interlining, I really liked the weight of the skirt. I decided to pick apart the spool skirt and interline it as well. This was also a good time to increase the size of the waistband to match my current waist.


Needle felting kit – Pugsly

I’ve been wanting to try needle felting, but couldn’t justify another craft. Well… someone at work mentioned that their son wanted a pug. They also mentioned that they were not going to get said pug. When I stumbled across the Pugsly needle felting kit, I just couldn’t pass it up. Currently it looks like a potato with legs.

Dolly Mattress

Dolly Mattress

In the process of tidying up the cabbage patch, I came across left over mattress ticking in 2 colors. I also have a dolly crib without a mattress. This seemed like the natural next step. Am I wrong?

Flower of the Month Quilt

Flower of the Month Quilt – February – Violet

A small amount of progress was made on this project because I had forgotten to bring the Bees dress to work with me. But hey, progress is progress.

Bees in the Thistles

Bees in the Thistles dress #2

This Bees in the Thistles dress (#2) is going to be an Easter dress for the lucky recipient.

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