At Home – Laundry Closet

Usually when you move into a house, you don’t plan to reduce the number of closets. In 2016 when we moved in, we also didn’t have this in mind. Fast forward a few years, with the parental unit’s apartment built downstairs, we needed to have laundry facilities upstairs. The plan became to retrofit a linen closet into a laundry closet.

DW took out the walls and bumped them back to make enough room. Originally we thought that there was to be enough room for a set of full sized side by side washer & dryer. It could have worked, but it would have been tight and there would not have been any extra space for storing things like detergent or dryer sheets. So we went with a stacked unit. I’ve liked it very much and there was space beside it to store laundry supplies, on the floor, in a laundry basket. Not perfect, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

This past weekend, DW installed shelves. Oh glorious day!! I’ve been waiting for so long.