Make Do and Mend – not just for clothing

Over the weekend, a very naughty dog peed on one of WW’s throw rugs. :-/

Currently there is only one washing machine between us and it is upstairs.  Figuring it could be quickly washed, dried and returned I took it upstairs.  Through it in the washing machine, turned it on and went about the day.  This involved leaving the house for a couple of hours.  Upon returning, went to toss the rug into the dryer only to discover that the tub had not drained.  Figuring that the load must have been unbalanced, I tossed in a couple of additional towels in a way to balance things out.  Resetting the washer, I turned it back on and had to leave again.  Much later I returned to discover there was STILL water in the tub.  Hmmm… set the machine to rinse and spin.  Darn, still no love.  Reluctantly sent DW a text.  Reluctant, because he already had several stressful things on his plate at the moment.

After checking things out, it was decided that the hose or the pump might be blocked. Because there was still water in the tub and we have wood floors (already took the soggy laundry out of the tub), a dolly was employed to take the washer for a walk to the front yard.  Tipped up on it’s face, the tub drained and we were able to get at the workings of the machine.  Thank goodness  the pump was fine.  However the hose was completely blocked with the rubber backing from the throw rug.  It was packed so tightly that DW used a long screwdriver to stab the blockage to loosen it.  That only being partially effective, he also smacked the hose on the tree in the front yard.  This was much more efficient at breaking up the blockage and lots flew out of the hose.  Finally the garden hose was used for the final rinse (we had started with the hose, but the blockage was too much for it).

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Prior to returning the washer to the laundry closet, DW brought up the air compressor to install the trim while there was room to do so.  This finished off two projects at once! 😀

The washer was all mended!

2 thoughts on “Make Do and Mend – not just for clothing

  1. I had the exact same problem with my washing machine. Learned not to put rubber/foam non slip area rugs in the washer. It is hard to find good area rugs that are washing machine safe. Glad you got your problem resolved without having to call a repairman.