Mending Monday – lace


This tatted lace was made by my Gma-S. She made it to edge a full sized bath towel.  There were several towels with her tatted lace.  This was the last two pieces that I had to remove from the towels.  I have plans to use all the lace as a peek-a-boo slip for the walking vent of my skirts.  After gently washing the lace it needed to be blocked.  When getting the blocking pads out, I found the beaded tatted lace snowflakes that I made two years ago for the knitting group.  Originally they had been quickly blocked and I wasn’t best pleased with how they turned out.  I thought, “why not re-block them right now”? Into a glass of warmish water to soak while blocking the lengths of lace.

Much happier with this blocking


blocking all finished!

I figured that this falls within the Make-do and mend category because I am reusing the lace for a different project.

Princess Pixie was also VERY helpful