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Monday Run Day

Monday Run Day with Brother#2 and PixieRoo
Weather was BEAUTIFUL!           Not only sunny, but actually WARM!!

My original plan for Monday was to visit Sister#1, after work.

On Sunday, Brother#2 had been riding with me (he was helping me move a new-to-me piece of furniture) and mentioned that he had not been across the new-ish pedestrian bridge that connects Waterfront park with Minto-Brown park.  If he came with me for Monday Run-Day, he would get a chance to walk across the bridge, get out in the sunshine and spend time with me!  😀

I called Sister#1 and changed plans to Tuesday.  I also tried to sell her on coming out on a walk with us.  No bananas.

Brother#2 and I had a good walk.  Pixie gave up 3/4th of the way back and asked to be carried.  All this moving has been rough on her.

If you want a lovely way to get out into the great outdoors, are interested in a 2 mile walk or a 3 mile run… meet at Gallagher’s Fitness on Monday night at 6pm.  Feet in motion at 6:15.  Afterwards you can socialize with the group at the local restaurant of the week.  They usually rotate between Venti’s, Victory Club &  Taproot.

Pixie and I hope to see you there!