Princess Pixie hides her treat

Pixie was jealously staring at Walther enjoying his treat.  I asked her where her treat was.  She looked at me intently before jumping off the bed, ran into the hallway and turned to wait for me to follow.  So follow I did.  She took me into the living room…


She was very proud of herself!

I have a couple of large teacup planters.  The plant in this one didn’t survive.  I set it near the front door to take the dirt out to the yard debris bucket.  Pixie had buried her treat in the dirt.  I was going to get a picture of the treat in the dirt. By the time I returned with my camera, she had already removed it for her morning enjoyment.

Even though there was a mess to clean up, I wasn’t too upset.  I thought she was very clever.

3 thoughts on “Princess Pixie hides her treat

  1. Pixie just wanted to remind you how brilliant she is! Her world hasn’t changed, because you’re home more than ever to adore her!