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Weekly Workbasket #3

Workbasket #2

I managed to carve sometime out this past week to work on some things in my workbasket…

I rinsed off the Transfer-eze off my two completed Flower of the Month Embroidery club blocks.  After they hung to dry, I ironed them.  Here you can see the difference from the pictures last week with the Transfer-eze still on them.

This week, I have been working on the October block from the same series.  I finished all the green and have started working on the yellow.

Flower of the Month Embroidery Club – October – Cosmos

As I had been house sitting this past weekend, I didn’t have access to my sewing machines until Tuesday evening (being that Monday evening I attended the weekly Monday Run-Day event. To keep my hands from becoming idle… I brought a knitting project with me.  I have been working on this project, off & on since February of this year.  The pattern is a free pattern created for the 15th anniversary of the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat.  The yarn that I am using was spun by a friend of mine, La Tejedora Crafts. It is a wool in a green with some brown running through it.  To me it looks like caramel apples.  My friend that spun the yarn said it looked to her like a poison apple.  So, I have christened the project my poison caramel apple scarf.  As of right now, I am making it for myself.  this is something that I rarely do, create something just for myself.  My plan it to wear it as a wrap to the annual motorcycle safety banquet.  We will see… I did manage to complete one 19 row repeat of the lace pattern, and begin another one, over the coarse of the whole weekend.

(this is where the picture of the scarf was supposed to go.  I forgot to snap a pic.  Stay tuned next week for a pic of it.  I hope…)

It might not seem like a lot of progress but I did take some time away from my knitting to teach a safety class all day Saturday, Weed (there were sooooo very many weeds) the terraced hillside in the backyard of the house I was sitting

Walther and Pixie helping me to pull weeds. By mid-day, all the weeds in this photo were in the yard debris bucket!

and went wine tasting at the Pudding River winery with some friends.  😀  With everything that I was up to all weekend, I was very happy with my progress.

Tuesday evening found me at home with plenty of time to putter around.  During which I made progress catching up on my BOM’s from this year’s quilt clubs.

Let’s Make Cake BOM – Block 9 – Pyramids – Autumn Reverie Colorway

Let’s Make Cake BOM – Block 6 – Louisiana – Autumn Reverie Colorway

Snips and Snails BOM club – Block 2 – Windmill

Snips and Snails BOM club – block 3 – Shooting Star

Snips & Snails BOM – Block 4 – Maple Leaf

I still need to find a couple of the previous blocks and get them done too.  They must still be packed away somewhere…

Workbasket #4

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