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Workbasket – Have Achieved Cacti


The first part being the piecing of the background, I have completed the second part of appliqueing the wool felt cacti to the background.

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The next step being the embroidery of the details on each plant.  There aren’t any REAL instructions on the exact details.  Only how to create the specific stitches and the picture on the front of the package.

Pixie definitely has opinions about the inappropriate usage of my “dog petters”

The embroidery is actually going much quicker than I imagined.  Especially with the only image of the embroidery is the front of the package (small) and I have old eyes.  This is my example:

Front of package for embroidery detail

The written instructions and stitching instructions were as follows:

The most confusing part was determining which of the cacti were named what. I used the process of elimination.  I thought that the “pillar” cactus was the tall one in the bottom right.


As I continued reading, it says that the gold floss is used on the Pillar cactus flower… since there is no flower on the above cacti, then I know that the pillar cactus is:

Pillar Cactus

The others are named thusly:

Leaf cactus
Red Top cactus
Prickly Pear cactus and Ball cactus

Oh and this one:

Tall cactus – of course

For those of you with eagle eyes that noticed that I have not done the applique stitches on the “dirt” in the pots, you are correct.  I will, I promise.  OH, and for DSH… yes they are French knots.  I was way too lazy to get out of my chair, walk back to the sewing room and find the seed beads.

Last week at knitting night Wednesday, I was made fun of because I made the statement that I was “between knitting projects”. This is unusual for any of us.  As DC pointed out, She currently has several projects on needles.  And, we usually all do.  I did admit that I actually do have a project, somewhere, on needles. I’m just not sure where I put it.

So this week I will be starting on two new projects (I don’t want to appear to be a slacker).

  1. knitted gloves for friend LB
  2. embroidery alteration for friend LB’s upcoming nuptuals

What projects are you working on?

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