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Workbasket – Lemon Dress Finished

It was mostly finished in this post. Technically, I only needed to hem the dress. The original pattern shows a much lower hem as was the fashion in 1930.

Being that I am a future person, I wasn’t sure that I liked the looks of a low hem on me. The hem is pretty deep and that is turned up twice. I left all the fabric in case I change my mind at some future date.

The other change that I did was removing the top stitching of the revers from the collar. This allows them to move separately and lay much less stiffly.

I also added 3 snaps at the neckline. This is so I can close the neckline at a much more comfortable (for me) depth in the cleavage area.

The best part is that it is done! I achieved 1 of 3 summer dresses that I had planned. I count that as a win.

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