Sodas of Surprise!

(que the time travel music of your choice – going back in time) When I was a teenager, I was very interested in the Victorian era and the differences in what they did then.  One day I was interested in the different flavorings that they used in their baking other than just the plain vanilla that is so common in all recipes of today.  In the past, there were many different floral options, specifically roses.  I made a batch of frosted sugar cookies that were both flavored with rose water instead of the vanilla.  The flavor profile was much sweeter than what I was used to.

Fast forward to now…

One day, on a lunch break from work, I was at the local Target store and stumbled (not literally, across these two sodas.  I snatched them up and hurried out of the store, very excited to try them!

They were both yummy and they were very different from each other.  For one thing, they both contain sugar (cane sugar) and I have really been actively trying to cut sugar from my diet.  So, these were both pretty sweet to my pallet.

The lavender soda was lightly flavored with lavender and lightly sweet.  Nice, but I don’t think that I will purchase it again.

The rose lemonade was also sweet, but it also had the tartness of the lemonade with the soft hint of the rose.  It was wonderful and delightful.  Every sip made me giddy with happiness.  I will definitely be purchasing this again.

Going forward, my friend BP has offered me her older model of Soda Stream machine.  On “This Victorian Life” Blog resource page there are links for making sodas, flavored and not:

Tonic (for adding to sodas): Bradley’s Tonic Co.

Acid Phosphate (for adding to sodas): Extinct Chemical Company

And is Sara’s blog post on 9/9/2017 she discusses her gasogene.  In one of the pictures there is a picture of rose syrup for flavoring sodas.  I poked at the internet and found a link to 1883.

I am very much looking forward to making my own sodas!

How about you? What flavors are interesting to you?

One thought on “Sodas of Surprise!

  1. I may have had ulterior motives for gifting you with my other Sodastream. Once you get the flavorings all figured out, Iā€™m hoping you will share your recipes!