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Just my favorite apples of all time.  Sweet, tangy, crunchy.  Their season isn’t very long each fall, but I wait all year for them to arrive.  The first year they were in my local grocery, they were over $2 A PIECE.  And they were so very worth it.

On the SweeTango website:

“Our story begins at the University of Minnesota, where expert apple breeders – using time-honored horticultural techniques – struck gold by marrying the Honeycrisp and Zestar varieties. (Honeycrisp was the bride, and Zestar! the groom … seriously!)

The offspring of this happy couple is Minneiska, the tree that gives us the SweeTango apple.”

According to the The Spruce:

Apples do not reproduce true to type. The tree from the seed will produce apples that are almost certain to be different than the parent. 

On the site “The Salt” it explains why we will not be able to purchase a tree that produces the SweeTango apples…

possibly forever.