It is time…

Way back in February I, with several lady friends, travelled by train to Tacoma Washington for the Madrona Fiber festival.  It was a relaxing train ride up and it gave me plenty of time to work on my Poison Caramel Apple scarf.  Somewhere in the middle of the journey, I had discovered an error several rows back.  due to the fact that I had not put in a life line, I had to carefully un-knit (otherwise known as tinking) the rows down to the error.  By the time of our debarkation in Tacoma, I had just successfully reknit all the rows that I had taken out.  (grrrrr)

Way, way back to the previous February (2017), my friends had described their time at the Madrona Fiber festival. One of the classes that they had described was taught by Franklin Habit.  He is a gentleman that enjoys knitting historical patterns.  This is no small feat!  Knitting patterns haven’t always been written down.  They used to be taught from one person to the next.  When the patterns started to be written, there certainly wasn’t any sort of standardization and then there was the errors…

Back to the future past.  This Mr. Franklin Habit sounded right up my alley.  I signed up for his class.  It was on how to knit from these old patterns or to make patterns from actually looking at old knits.  It was everything that I might have wanted, except it wasn’t long enough.  One of the projects that he showed us was a “lady’s travelling cap”.  It was a lovely bit of nonsense to the modern sensibility.  He said that it was fairly challenging to make.  He also said that the modern pattern was on his blog.  This led to a little friendly challenge with LaTejedorCrafts of each of us making our own Lady’s Travelling Cap and blogging about the experience. Then I got home and my world fell apart.

Time has gone by and things are starting to straighten out a little bit.  I am ready to throw down the gauntlet of challenge to my dear friend and share it with the world!

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