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Weekend Wanderings – snow shoe edition

This last past weekend found me doing something that I have wanted to do for the last 23 years, going snow shoeing. A friend, CK, at work said that I could go with her and her husband next time that they went.  The difficulty was finding a weekend that we were all available at the… Continue reading Weekend Wanderings – snow shoe edition


What I have been up to lately…

Walther and Pixie joined me on a short hiking trip in a local park with my son and grandsons. My car's mileage rolled over to 170000 Successfully completed this year's Taji fitness challenge, my first, in spite of bronchitis continued working on Dolly Dearest's outfit from January's Historial Monthly sewing challenge ran 5K Munt Angel… Continue reading What I have been up to lately…

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Mending Monday – A little of this and a little of that

Fitting little mending projects in here and there as I can.  This is what I was able to complete since we last talked about such things: Double seemed up the small tear in the key pocket of a pair of bf's running shorts. Let the hem down in a pair of second hand pants that… Continue reading Mending Monday – A little of this and a little of that

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Weekend Wanderings – Second Street of Beautiful homes

If you remember back to my first post of weekend wanderings, you know that I had seen another street that I had wanted to explore, but that I had also saved it for another day. That day had arrived.  The weather was decent and the dogs were willing, so we set off to explore. ru… Continue reading Weekend Wanderings – Second Street of Beautiful homes

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Workbasket – No idle hands here…

Christmas isn't over until the last Christmas project has been completed.  Some years ago, I asked my boss and friend BP to teach me to knit so I could make a sweater for my bf as a Christmas gift.  After 2 wash clothes and 1 simple lace shawl, I printed out several sweater patterns and… Continue reading Workbasket – No idle hands here…

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The First Class of my Teaching Year

It wasn't raining when I left the house, but that quickly changed once I arrived on the range. Then the rain started to change to snow Finally we were no longer able to see the white markings on the pavement On-call concurred on the decision to cancel the class for this weekend.  Right after we… Continue reading The First Class of my Teaching Year