2019 Disney Trip – Day 3

Today I headed out without Son and his family because G.son #2 had been up in the middle of the night with DIL.  I figured that they needed to get a little more sleep.  I left a note. I hung out with my sister and her group. This day was overcast and a little cold, eventually… Continue reading 2019 Disney Trip – Day 3


2019 Disney Trip – Day 2

This was our first FULL day at Disneyland.  It started out with a family breakfast at the IHOP down the street from our hotel. Uncle Chuck is always THE BEST to have around when there are little ones that need entertaining. He turned the empty placard holder into a television and that kept them busy… Continue reading 2019 Disney Trip – Day 2


2019 Disney trip – Day 1

This trip has been in the planning stages since around 2007. We got serious about the planning last year. Today was the culmination of all the planning. Myself, my son, his wife, G. Sons #1 & #2, my sister, her husband, her two daughters, their partners, grandkids #1-#7, my brother, his wife, his two boys… Continue reading 2019 Disney trip – Day 1

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2018 Year End Review…

It is the end of the year and I survived.  This hasn't been my toughest year, but it is in the running.  This blog started in March, so it isn't even a full year to review. Which is OK because my life has been fractured enough that I haven't been able to work on very… Continue reading 2018 Year End Review…

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Ride Report – Day 4

Ride Report - Day 3 September 7, 2018 Because we had stayed in Eureka, CA - Breakfast was to be at Samoa Cookhouse (again... "of course"). They also do a wonderful lunch and dinner here too.  I like eating here for the food and for the surroundings.  It reminds me of the stories my grandmother… Continue reading Ride Report – Day 4