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2021 ~ Year in Review

January: January of 2021 started off strong with the completion of a multiple mend to a co worker’s coat. Mostly though the month was filled with projects that hadn’t been completed, such as DIL’s Christmas gift and the repair to the sewing machine cabinet’s drawers. old rotten shed shed partially removed kitchen window with a… Continue reading 2021 ~ Year in Review


At Home ~ Spice Jar/Rack update

Some time ago (2005 I think) I came across a homemaking blog (title of which is lost to time).  The article that caught my attention was about making the spice rack pretty.  I jumped right into the project wholeheartedly. I ordered empty spice jars and labels.  Choose a label design that I liked and got… Continue reading At Home ~ Spice Jar/Rack update


Workbasket ~ Knitting Night Treats

Previously in my workbasket Once upon a time (a few weeks ago) our knitting group agreed to meet at my house for knitting night.  I mentioned to DSH that I believed that DW kind of liked it when people came over.  She said that she hadn’t seen any canapes. If he liked people coming over… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Knitting Night Treats



Not the dance... Just my favorite apples of all time.  Sweet, tangy, crunchy.  Their season isn't very long each fall, but I wait all year for them to arrive.  The first year they were in my local grocery, they were over $2 A PIECE.  And they were so very worth it. On the SweeTango website:… Continue reading SweeTango

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Laguna Seca – Day #7

This morning, during the morning run, I did a gravity check again.  As before it was because I was distracted and not watching where I was going.  I was trying to look down a side road to see the front of an interesting looking building. As I gave a running step off the curb, my left… Continue reading Laguna Seca – Day #7