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Laguna Seca -Day #8

Awoke to the last day of the trip. This morning started as most had, with a run.  With no set direction in mind we set off, turning here and there as we came to an intersection, enticed by interesting looking historic homes. For fear of another graceless fall, I hadn't brought my camera phone.  The… Continue reading Laguna Seca -Day #8

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Laguna Seca – Day #7

This morning, during the morning run, I did a gravity check again.  As before it was because I was distracted and not watching where I was going.  I was trying to look down a side road to see the front of an interesting looking building. As I gave a running step off the curb, my left… Continue reading Laguna Seca – Day #7

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Laguna Seca – Day #6

Arriving in Moss Landing, to have breakfast at The Lighthouse, we were disappointed to find that it was closed.  Apparently they are always closed on Mondays. We had passed a little café on our way to The Lighthouse.  We had never eaten there and it was open. We headed back to the Moss Landing Café.… Continue reading Laguna Seca – Day #6

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Laguna Seca – Day #5

Sunday. No run this morning. The plan was to get to the track early to beat the crowds, sign up for the Yamaha Niken demo ride and have breakfast on Ducati Island. On the ride in, we noticed that there was no crowds.  huh. In anticipation of demo ride we had peaked the bikes and… Continue reading Laguna Seca – Day #5

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Laguna Seca – Day #4

We got up and went running again this morning. I was limping at the beginning of the run until my muscles warmed up. It was much better by the end of our run but, not surprisingly, today's run was my slowest yet. We both came back very damp from the cold foggy/misty air. Even my glasses… Continue reading Laguna Seca – Day #4