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When I was a child…

We didn't have tons of clothes.  I distinctly remember that we got new clothes at certain times of the year:  Easter, Christmas, beginning of school year and maybe for a birthday.  My siblings might say this memory is similar to the one about walking to school, uphill both ways, in the snow.  Clothes were patched… Continue reading When I was a child…

Make do and Mend

Make Do and Mend – not just for clothing

Over the weekend, a very naughty dog peed on one of WW's throw rugs. :-/ Currently there is only one washing machine between us and it is upstairs.  Figuring it could be quickly washed, dried and returned I took it upstairs.  Through it in the washing machine, turned it on and went about the day. … Continue reading Make Do and Mend – not just for clothing

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Mending Monday – black denim again & again

I looked for my last mending post regarding these jeans, apparently I hadn't posted about them.  Let me correct that now.  On November 2nd I worked on mending the worn fabric BF's jeans. For this project I used the electric sewing machine,  Pfaff Hobby Quilter. Added the feed dog cover and the embroidery foot. Starting… Continue reading Mending Monday – black denim again & again