Monthly Mending ~ May 2021

DW's favorite mask broke the little metal band inside. We can't be having that. The lining was opened at the seam to be able to get to the broken part. Once open it was easy to remove the old one and replace it with a new one. Then, using white thread, closed the seams. Viola!… Continue reading Monthly Mending ~ May 2021


Mending Monday ~ Shirt, Bag, & Boots

A little hole in the back of a staple of my wardrobe, a black turtleneck (I have several). The repair looks much more rough than it looks in real life. Also IRL, the dog hair doesn't show up so much. 😉 This was a "stitch in time" scenario. By fixing this little hole while still… Continue reading Mending Monday ~ Shirt, Bag, & Boots

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Mending Madness

The cloth laundry bag folds over the edge of the metal basket. DW expressed his displeasure with how it didn't stay where it was supposed to, and that it kept falling into the basket. Being that I had a bunch of left over elastic from mending the fitted sheet, I decided to fix this too.… Continue reading Mending Madness


Mending Monday ~ Gloves & Grocery Bag

We have been running A LOT this month because of the Taji 100 challenge. On one of our runs, DW noticed that there was a hole in a finger seam. All better now. 😀 Not an exciting fix, but it is done and one less thing in the local landfill. The seam was closed with… Continue reading Mending Monday ~ Gloves & Grocery Bag


Mending Monday

While folding laundry I noticed that the finished edge of a sleeve was coming undone (if there isn't actually a cuff, is it still called a cuff? Or is it a sleeve hem?). Not having a machine that sews a "stretchy stitch", I carefully sewed the hemmed cuff edge while slightly stretching the fabric. The… Continue reading Mending Monday