Workbasket ~ Quilt finished

And by finished, I mean that it has been bound and labelled. Good thing I had Pixie to help with this project Previous Workbasket The knit Harry Potter blanket is coming along! All the way through the first side-border. It was now time to work-in the many loose ends that were hanging out making a… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Quilt finished


Mending Madness

The cloth laundry bag folds over the edge of the metal basket. DW expressed his displeasure with how it didn't stay where it was supposed to, and that it kept falling into the basket. Being that I had a bunch of left over elastic from mending the fitted sheet, I decided to fix this too.… Continue reading Mending Madness


Workbasket ~ A Couple of New Projects

WIPs: Knitting-group cowl: Before Christmas, DSH came up with this fabulous idea, in which each of us (that wanted to participate in the project) would submit a certain amount of sock yarn. The yarn would be split so each participant would get the same amount of each of the varieties submitted. Then we would use… Continue reading Workbasket ~ A Couple of New Projects

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As far as super powers go…

In my (admittedly limited) world view, we all have super powers... even pets. Princess Pixie-Roo has the super powers of naughtiness & mischief and the ability to deny that she is currently up to anything at all. To be fair, she is also amazing at teaching visiting dogs how to use the doggie door and… Continue reading As far as super powers go…