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As far as super powers go…

In my (admittedly limited) world view, we all have super powers... even pets. Princess Pixie-Roo has the super powers of naughtiness & mischief and the ability to deny that she is currently up to anything at all. To be fair, she is also amazing at teaching visiting dogs how to use the doggie door and… Continue reading As far as super powers go…


Christmas 2020

Like all the Christmases past, I was WAY too optimistic. I did start early, way back in October. I knew that the blanket was an ambitious project. I also know my propensity for frogging my projects, multiple times, before achieving success. Knitting wasn't my only plans for this Christmas. There was also sewing, baking, candy… Continue reading Christmas 2020


Workbasket – Lemon Dress Finished

It was mostly finished in this post. Technically, I only needed to hem the dress. The original pattern shows a much lower hem as was the fashion in 1930. Being that I am a future person, I wasn't sure that I liked the looks of a low hem on me. The hem is pretty deep… Continue reading Workbasket – Lemon Dress Finished