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Workbasket on Vacation

Pixie enjoying convertible life It is September again, time to travel. This year the puppies were included in the planning phase. Car instead of motorcycles, convertible instead of egg. Why car? Much easier to take dogs, much more space for anything packed or purchased along the way. Why convertible? Why not? Just pack sunblock and… Continue reading Workbasket on Vacation


Naughtiness & Mischief

Found the tent!  It has been missing for a while now.  The thought of having to obtain another tent was a little daunting.  This tent is special.  When the poles fold up, they are short enough to fit into motorcycle luggage.  Makes "motorcycle camping" much more do-able. Pixie and Walther had never seen a tent. … Continue reading Naughtiness & Mischief


Mending Monday – My/Pixie’s blanket

Many years ago, DW's momma crocheted me a beautiful blanket in purple/lavender/pink yarn.  As soon as Pixie saw it, She KNEW it was for her.  I don't want to give human emotions to a dog however, her face visibly changed expression when she saw this blanket. For awhile I maintained a brave front in the… Continue reading Mending Monday – My/Pixie’s blanket