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2018 Year End Review…

It is the end of the year and I survived.  This hasn’t been my toughest year, but it is in the running.  This blog started in March, so it isn’t even a full year to review. Which is OK because my life has been fractured enough that I haven’t been able to work on very many projects.  Let’s see what I was able to complete…

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I started this blog!


I moved into my cute little apartment and, eventually, unpacked.

Monday Run Day with Brother#2 and PixieRoo
Participated in a good many “Monday Run-Day’s” hosted by Gallagher Fitness.  Stopped dying my hair.

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Finished 24 pieced quilt blocks for 3 different quilts

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Completed 3 embroidered quilt blocks

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Altered a wedding gown for a beautiful bride

Finished knitting two baby blankets


Made a wedding veil for another gorgeous bride


Created my project workbook to keep track of things…(lol)


Pieced and tied a 120″ x 120″ t-shirt quilt…still need to quilt it.  It is too big for my quilting frame.

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Completed 4 mending projects. Oh so many more in the pile yet to finish!

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Took a four day road trip.

front view

Finished a birthday skirt for my Daughter-in-law

Participated in three 1k races with my grandsons, my sister and her grandbabies.  Even my son joined us for the last one!  I also ran two 5k races and actually enjoyed them (surprise, surprise!)


Made a conscience choice to participate in Small Business Saturday.  Drove to Dallas to get what I needed (and more) from Grandma’s Attic Sewing Emporium.

Completed five linen birthday hankies for my knitting group friends.  I only have photo evidence of these two.


Completed my Poison Carmel Apple beaded scarf.  It was made with the wonderful yarn that my friend DSH made and gave to me.  Margie loves all things green.  I loved gifting it to her.

Christmas projects:

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All those things were things that were FINISHED this year.  Writing up this post has made me feel much better about getting stuff done this year.  I was feeling like not a lot had been accomplished.

On deck for this next year:

  1. finish the projects that I started this year, but have yet to finish.
  2. actually quilting the many quilt tops that have been languishing for many a year
  3. some historical sewing
  4. crushing my mending pile
  5. making a pattern for the wool cape

Many more projects will insert themselves, I am sure.  😀  I am looking forward to the adventure.

Wishing all of you and yours a wonderful New Year!


3 thoughts on “2018 Year End Review…

  1. Lorri, sounds like you are finding your way. I think of you often and I really enjoyed your blog. Good to hear how things are going.

    You are amazing!!

  2. Gee, if there were only 36 hours in the day and 10 days in the week, just think of all the things you could get done. Nice projects and lovely finished work.