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Laguna Seca – Day 1

The original plan, as I understood it, was to leave Tuesday evening after work. I planned for this by taking Wednesday off from my work (Wednesday to Wednesday). As it turned out, we were really leaving on Wednesday after work. This extra day to get ready for the trip worked out to my benefit. Who doesn’t have one million last minute things to complete before actually leaving for a vacation? My list included: getting a cafe au lait, get cash, get hair cut, drop mail at post office, a little last minute shopping, finalize packing, finish online college assignments, replant my recent delivery from One Green World and bust out new pillowcases for Gsons.

Over a month ago they had accompanied me to Grandma’s Attic and Quilting Emporium. Each time they go with me to a fabric store, they each choose a fat quarter of fabric that they like. This time I encouraged them to also choose a pillowcase kit. Due to life’s circumstances, I hadn’t been able to work on them. I knocked them both out lickety-split before any more time passed us all by. They liked them!

Plants were re-potted and watered with help from Son and Gson#2. What might have been a necessary pre-vaca chore, was in reality a fun family activity.

Then, when it came time to mount up and head out, Son and both Gson’s came out to see us off. Good thing too because, as it turned out, I hadn’t properly closed my topcase and Son stopped me and got me all sorted out. We left town about 6:30pm with full tanks of gas. We made it to Roseburg for a refueling stop and refueling stop, bikes and humans.

Dinner was at Burrito Vaquero.


If you ever find yourself in Roseburg Oregon, and you like Mexican type food, you need to stop at this place. The food is super tasty, the staff are wonderful and the prices are good. Our choices were Enchilada Suisa


and a humble Carnitas Burrito.


I’m telling you right now that it was humble only in appearance. The flavors in both of these dishes were eye rolling in ecstasy deliciousness. Once we and the bikes had both been refueled, we headed for our final destination of the day, Grants Pass @ the Knights Inn. The gentleman in the lobby was super nice. He suggested that we park in a small triangular area that really wasn’t a parking area. But it was just perfect for two motorcycles and it was just out of the way enough that cars would actually have to work at it to hit the bikes.

Stats for the day:

Miles traveled: 201.1