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Laguna Seca – Day 2

Our plan all along was to get up early and go running each morning. Both of us brought running gear and shoes. This morning was our first run. DW planned the runs to be about three miles, because that is mostly what I am used to. It was fun to see all the bears again. In 2003, Grants Pass put up a bunch of bear sculptures for a charity event. Over the years, they have added more and more. The best part is that the run would end at the Dutch Brothers.As we were packing the bikes, preparing for departure, the Knights Inn hotel lobby desk guy (say that 3 times fast) came hurrying over to offer us a hotel towel to wipe off the dew of the seats and bugs off the headlights. This was a super pleasant surprise because normally we are warned right from the start to not use the hotel towels to wipe the bikes. We thanked him and explained that we brought a towel of our own for just such a purpose. We gassed up the bikes prior to leaving town and then were off around 9:12am on 199 to 101. It got cold enough that we had to stop and put on our jacket liners and change gloves from ventilated summer gloves to our gauntleted gloves to keep the cold wind out of our sleeves.

The path of approach to the Samoa Cookhouse was one that, in the past, we had used to leave town. Coming towards the cookhouse made it seem like it took forever to arrive at our destination. We made it to the Samoa Cookhouse in Eureka California just in time for lunch.img_20190711_134357284Before leaving, DW zipped his lower pant legs back on. Yup, it was that chilly. I gathered some pictures of pictures of ladies and what they were wearing for everyday wear. Inspiration for future outfits…

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After exiting the cookhouse, DW suggested that we check out the Humbolt Bay Maritime Museum that shares the same parking lot. I don’t remember ever seeing it actually open in all the times that we have been here in the past. It was pretty neat little historical glimpse into the nautical past of Samoa Island.

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As we continued on our journey southward we remarked upon all the different places that we had stopped at on previous trips. “Didn’t we stop there one time?” “Wasn’t that the place that we stopped when we all the kids with us?” It is amazing to me, just how many places we have actually been over the course of many years. When we are riding and not reminiscing, mostly we are quiet and I think of all the things I could blog about. Sadly, by the time I get somewhere to be able to actually write them down, I have forgotten what they were.Right around 4:30pm we stopped at Leggett for gas and ice cream.img_20190711_162807850_hdrWe wear all our gear all the time (yes, including ear plugs), and it can get pretty warm. Especially if we are not moving. As we were leaving, DW asked, “do you want to go see the Drive Thru Tree?”. I almost said, “oh no, let’s keep going”. But then I thought…I have always wanted to see that tree! I said, “YES PLEASE” instead.img_20190711_170227166_hdrI loved it! We even stopped at the gift shop and picked up a couple of post cards made from Cedar wood. They smelled wonderful.After continuing on, and stopping once more for gas in Hopeland, we made it to Santa Rosa. The little dive hotel that we have stayed in several times in the past was closed. It was also completely encircled by cyclone fencing. We drove a little further down the road, finding a nice place. Santa Rosa was picked as one of our destination because of the place we wanted to have breakfast at the next morning. This left us with the immediate problem of where to have dinner this night. We walked across the street and dined at La Perla Tapatia.img_20190711_204105493Food was good and so was the service.

Stats for the Day:

Miles ridden: 382

seat time: 7 hours

miles ran: 3.49 miles

steps: 10,852

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  1. The bear project was spearheaded by my bro in law, Brady Adams! Somewhere in town there is a Bear Hotel where they are stored when not on display. Pretty cool!