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Laguna Seca – Day 3

The next morning started out with our run. The cross walks seemed to be sending mixed messages:

DW pointed out that the ivy leaves were very large.img_20190712_093204465After the run, we walked to Dierk’s Parkside Café, the real reason that we chose Santa Rosa as a destination.

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Interesting things we saw on the walk back to the hotel:

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In preparation for this trip, DW had rigged up the tank bags with charging cords that were then plugged into the bikes. We had been having trouble getting them to work. He discovered the reason why:img_20190711_215754084-1Yup, A blown fuse. A trip to Auto Zone was in order. Actually the blown fuse was a symptom of a much different problem. The coating on the wires was breaking down, exposing the wires. The wires shorted out and blew the fuse. It took a couple of auto part stores before we found what he needed to fix the problem (he also needed a two prong thingy-ma-jig). He worked his magic, right there in the parking lot, and we were back in business on back on the road.I’m sure you’ll be shocked to find out that our next destination was where we wanted to eat lunch. Alice’s Restaurant. No matter which way you approach from, you are going to be travelling on winding & twisting roads. It is a very popular spot, not just with the locals but also with sports car drivers and motorcyclists.

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Lunch was Brisket for him and a hotdog for her. There is a resident cat, also named Alice. Being that it was a warm day, she was completely sprawled out and asleep at the next table over. We sat by a nice local couple and their dog. We miss our dogs.Another gas & ice cream stop in Santa Cruz and we were onto Marin. This was our final destination in our southward journey. We would be spending the weekend here while attending the races. Having never stayed in Marin, we were at a loss of where to eat dinner. We were in one of three hotels that are kind of off by themselves near a beach access point. The fanciest of the hotels had a fancy eating establishment associated with it, The Saltwood Restaurant. It was pretty fancy. While we were waiting we looked over the drink menu. The only beer that wasn’t super hopped was a stout, we both ordered that. It was lighter in color than we are used to and had A LOT OF HOPS. It was good, it just wasn’t what my mouth was expecting.

Daily Stats:

run: 3.55 miles

steps: 13,340

miles ridden: 251 miles

seat time: 4 hours, 56 minutes