2019 Disney – Day 4

This was our final day at the park.  I can only speak for myself, but other adults in our party said things that led me to believe that they felt the same way, my feet and knees were complaining first thing in the morning. There wasn’t a day that we spent in the park that I didn’t double my step goal, according to my Garmin VivoSmart HR+. As was our morning routine, we hurried over to get our fastpasses for the Radiator Springs Racers car ride.

Then it was onto The Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission breakout ride (used to be known as the Tower of Terror).

At the end of the actual street there was this mural that made it look like the street continued on for a great distance.

I am not one for scary rides, I may have even mentioned that during the blogging of other days.  So the Guardians ride wasn’t for me. Thank goodness #2 was too small to ride on it, so we both sat down to wait for the more adventuresome in our party.


I don’t have a therapy or service dog.  I have a regular old companion/pet type of dog.  She is a chihuahua, which can be snappy, so she was aggressively socialized and not allowed to growl or snap. So, I found this sign to be surprising and off putting:

Perhaps they have problems with people trying to touch their service dog?

While waiting in line for a ride, we spotted Captain America.  This face-actor was an attractive young studly type.


What made it even better was his smile.  It was a nice smile and it appeared to be genuine as he greeted each and every guest in his line.

Now…I’m not sure where everyone else went after we all got off the ride, but #2 and I headed back to Pixar Pier to ride Jessie’s Critter Carousel again.


About this time we all met together again at the Radiator Springs Racer ride.  The day had really started heating up.  When entering the ride line (the fastpass side) they let #2 go through with us.  We were a little surprised, because he is little, but also pleased.  Unfortunately, when it came time to actually get into our racecar, they noticed that he was too small.  I said that I would wait with him and they directed us over to the left of the platform which was a waiting area.  It was also the area where they loaded people that needed extra help, like people in wheelchairs. The wheelchairs couldn’t go into the racecars, so the attendant had to help them in and out of the ride’s vehicles.  I believe the attendant’s name was Annette.  She was amazing!  She politely helped people that needed a lot of physical help, never loosing the smile on her face.  I don’t know what Disney pays her but they should double it, at least!  While we were waiting, #2 was eating his skittles when he stopped, looked straight at me and asked, “what are these made of?” It took me by surprise because he doesn’t usually ask me questions like that, it just seemed like the question of a little older child.  I smiled and told him, “sugar and flavor”.


When our party returned they took me to the front of the line and #1 got to ride again, this time with Gma.  He was a pro at this ride by now.  Sadly, on the last big bump, the had that my son had lent to me blew off my head and was lost.  🙁

On our way out of Radiator Springs we saw that ‘Mater was visiting with people. We stopped for the boys to say “HI” and get some pics snapped.

At this point #1, #2 and I left the California Adventure Park with the intention of going to Story Book Land in the Disney park.  It wasn’t until we had already left CA park when I remembered that I needed the boys’ passes to re-enter DL park.  In between the parks is a large bricked area.  After quickly scanning for shade, we headed to some shade trees that were beautifully adorned with pink blossoms. We waited here for Momma and Papa to meet back up with us.

Once we were back in DL, My son surprised me with my very own balloon!


There were a few more rides that were on the “must do” list and this is our last day. Flying Dumbo was one of those rides.  We were hot and tired by this point, but the sign said that the wait was only 20 minutes.  It ended up being more than 20 minutes.  The look on #2’s face says it all:


We were pretty well done for the morning. Done with the heat, done with the waiting in lines, just done. We passed the Pixie Hallow, but I did not even suggest that we stop at this point.


After naptime we returned to the park.  Still a few “must do” rides left on the list.  Entering the park, the train was just arriving. This was on the list and Son was either not quite woken up or completely done.


The train ride did help with the mood, got us off our feet, and at one point we could just see some of the new Star Wars part of the park above the fence as we rode by. When we got off the train, it was right into the beginning of the parade.  What a happy accident!

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#2’s “must ride” ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride. The wait line wasn’t too long and moved along at a decent pace. The landscaping outside of the ride was immaculate.

We didn’t make it onto the Monorail this trip. Hopefully it will still be here when we return in 5 years.  By the time we were finished with Buzz, the moon had started to make an appearance.


Son said that he could really go for a cold brew.  We had seen a beer vendor in CA park, so off we went.  I tell you what… that beer was wonderful.  We sat on the benches in Radiator springs


#1 had a deep conversation with a little boy sitting near us


Radiator Springs at night:

After finishing our refreshing beverages, I was able to talk Son into riding Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.  Son and DIL hadn’t ridden on it yet. The boys and I wanted to ride on it again. Son agreed that the way that the ride operated was cool.

Upon heading out of the park for the final time, Son and DIL left me alone with the boys.  Do you know what happens when you leave a grandma unsupervised?

That’s right… Cotton Candy! Yummy.


The next morning as we waited for the bus to take us back to the airport

This vacation was fun and it was AMAZING to be with the whole family together.  But, it is always nice to go home too.

Thank you for joining me on this trip.  Sorry this retelling was so one sided, but I only had my pics.  😀

3 thoughts on “2019 Disney – Day 4

  1. Wow, that service animal sign did seem a bit too harsh. I do know there has been a big uptake in people not understand not to touch service animals. Many just see the cute dog and forget it actually has a job to do.

    Love all your fun pictures.